Mummification Guide

All the credits to Anything Taboo for this useful and essential mummification guide – visit him at Mummy21 for excellent pictures and more wise words.

Although many people who practice this use saran wrap and PVC tape, I would recommend ACE bandages as a personal choice for beginners who need a gentle introduction to this art form. I choose ACE bandages because they are clingy, (but not sticky), very soft, washable, re-usable and absorbent. To begin, purchase a bunch of ACE, or similar brand of bandages. The inches refer to the WIDTH of the bandages. All the ACE bandages are usually about 12-15 freet long when fully stretched out. I would suggest either 8, 3″ wide ones, and 10, 4″ wide ones for the first layer, then about 9, 6″ wide ones for the second layer. Or, buy about 15-20, 4″ wide bandages for the first layer, then the same number of 6″ bandages for the 2nd layer.

SEWING: A sewing machine is a great help in introducing someone to ace bandage mummification, as the clips poke into the skin and sometimes rip apart the bandage fibers over time. Instead, overlap two bandage ends about 1/2 an inch, to 3/4 inch and sew one row of stitches down to connect the ends. Believe me-one is enough!! It holds very tightly and will not come apart!!

SELF-PROVEN TECHNIQUES: The fun part– the following is a list of wrapping techniques for various body parts, which are in the order that I find makes the entire process quicker. A nice effect to give your mummy a hint of helplessness, is to wrap their head first, which will have them wondering what you will do next and seals them in darkness. I believe in complete body mummification. However, many amateurs may be afraid to have the head wrapped, as they fear suffocation. Reassure them that it is actually very easy to breathe thru one ACE bandage over your nose and mouth. In fact, the farther you stretch the bandage before covering the face, the larger the pores between the fibers are, and consequently the easier to breathe thru. Of course, you should never force the submissive to have their head and face covered if they are uncomfortable. You want to mummify someone in a way that will keep them at least calm, if not able to move. If they don’t want their head wrapped, I suggest blindfolding them at least. The point of mummification is to provide sensory deprivation.

HEAD WRAPPING: The best way to wrap the head is to begin with a 4″ bandage and place the end over an ear. Let’s say the left ear. Firmly hold the end against the ear, and wrap the bandage under the chin, flush with the underside of the jaw. Continue up the other side of the face and slightly angle the bandage toward the back of the head (to provide overlap), then down over the end that covers the left ear. There must be reasonable tension in the bandage so that when you let go of the starting end, the stretch of the bandage is enough to hold it in place and it won’t come unwrapped. Next, continue with the bandage down under the chin again, this tme overlapping the first covering, by about 1/2 an inch. Wrap up the other side again, moving the bandage forward to cover the middle of the crown, but still slightly overlapping the rear-most covering. Now wrap down the side of the face, then overlap the under-the-jaw wraps another 1/2 inch, then wrap up the other side of the face, then across the front of the crown. To sufficiently cover the top of section of the head and from the chin to the beginning of the neck with vertical wrapping, it should take about three, maybe four times around the head with a 4″ bandage. Now the bandage is wrapped down to the chin, which is used as the starting point for the horizontal wrapping across the face. Once the bandage reaches a side of the chin, wrap across the chin, in a DIAGONAL motion toward the back of the head. This is a transition to the horizontal wraps. Overlap the rear-most bandage on the top of the head carefully, curve around the rear covering of the head with the bandage, then begin to wrap around the side of the face toward the forehead, making sure to overlap the fore-most bandage covering the top of the head. It should take about 4 or 5 times across the face, to cover the forehead, eyes, nose, mouth and possibly once more about the chin. Finally tuck the end inside one of the other wrappings. The technicality comes here: if you wrap too much before the hairline and too far from the back-top of the head, the bandages will slide right off the head because they don’t have much of a grip on hair. The head wrap is comprised entirely of horizontal and vertical circling of bandages about the head.

NECK WRAPPING: The neck is very tricky to wrap as it doesn’t take much pressure completely surrounding the neck to complicate breathing! One should use a 2″ bandage (yes, ACE does make them this width), or at most a 3″ bandage. A 2″ is ideal because it is not as wide, and also is not nearly as long as the other widths of bandages, therefore requiring less wrappings around the neck. For the technique, simply use a circular wrapping motion, very slowly and LIGHTLY to encircle the neck to the base.

SHOULDER AND UPPER CHEST WRAPPING: This is one of the 2 trickiest body parts to wrap. Luckily ACE bandages cling very well around curves and don’t slip too easily! 🙂 For this, use 2 or 3, 4″ bandages sewed together, and don’t worry if there is some left over after the wrapping of this part. Just make sure every piece of skin gets covered. Begin by having your mummy facing you, whether they are lying down or standing; having them hold out their arms away from their body, with the end of the bandage held firmly against the top of their (right) arm. Bring the roll behind their arm and around front again, to fasten the end in place. Continue once again around that wrap, but closer to the shoulder, overlapping slightly the first wrap and now covering the armpit. From here, once the bandage is again behind the arm, vary the angle so that it travels down and across the back toward the area under their left armpit. From here, wrap up and over the front of their left arm twice, then finish under the same armpit again. Continue across the front of the chest diagonally back to the starting point, then up around the back of the neck and down the chest the opposite direction. Continue this motion back and forth across the back and chest to completely cover the shoulders, overlapping by as much as an inch. The entire process will look like a giant “X” (a giany figure eight).

WRAPPING THE GROIN: To wrap the groin, use a similar technique as in wrapping the chest and shoulders. Wrap using a figure-eight motion. Begin with your slave facing you, standing up. Take a 4″ bandage on the front of your slave’s right hip, and wrap diagonally down the front of the groin, then thru the legs (covering the testes or vagina) and up over their left buttock. From this point, wrap around the very inside of that leg circularly, once, then on the second time around go back thru the legs re-covering the genitals and back up over the right buttock. Keep wrapping this way until all of the buttocks, groin, and highest part of the inner-thighs are completely covered. If any is left uncovered, then you may wrap circles around the hips down to the groin area, being sure to overlap the bandages about half an inch, to an inch.

LEG WRAPPING: Beginning by tucking the end of the bandage against the toes almost vertically (the direction the toes point), wrap around sideways a full circle to hold the end in place. Wrap the foot circularly, the ankle with a figure eight, the lower leg circularly, the knee in a figure eight and then wrap the thigh circularly until it overlaps the end of the wrapping that we used on the V-shaped groin area. Repeat with other leg.

ARM WRAPPING: This is the same as the leg, starting at the hand, wrapping the four fingers together, tucking the bandage in at the ends of the fingers and then wrapping the thumb next to the fingers. Wrap the whole arms circularly, except for the elbow which should be wrapped in a figure-eight to prevent any slippage of the bandage if bent. This wrapping should overlap the ends of the chest and shoulder wrapping. Repeat with other arm.

SECOND LAYER: Now that your mummy is fully wrapped in one layer, give them an extra sensation of helplessness (provided they have agreed to this prior to the event), by wrapping a second layer about the entire body using 6″ bandages. Place the legs together and over the toes place the end of the bandage. Fold the bandage in half lengthwise so that one side covers the tops of the toes, the other covering the bottom. Carefully wrap the bandage tightly around the foot sideways so that the bottom part is held in place, then continue around to hold the top part in place, then just keep wrapping circularly up the body. You may want to place a folded sock between the bony parts of their ankles, as tight wrapping of the legs and feet together causes the bones to press firmly into each other causing discomfort. Wrap circularly up the body, wrapping the thighs together, making sure the arms are held in place against the body in the position you desire. Then wrap the arms against the sides or against the chest if you want them folded traditionally. Wrap up to the neck, using up the rest of the bandage around the shoulders again.


Now if you desire, you may wrap another 6″ bandage around head to make absolutely sure your mummy can see nothing but blackness.

FURTHER BONDAGE: If you want the full sensation of restriction on your slave, wrap them up tightly in a bed sheet and fasten ropes or straps like the ones mentioned in section 1 of this page around the body points recommended. Then have your fun with them! Tease them, talk dirty to them, gently kiss them, caress them, make them wish they were not wrapped up and then remind them of their helplessness, humiliate them however you wish.


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