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Total Enclosure Bondage

Some total enclosure activities include: In rubber fetishism, rubber suits, gas masks and similar garments and accessories are used for total enclosure. Vacuum beds rigidly enclose the entire body under a rubber sheet with a small breathing tube. Sleepsacks and body bags are also used as less rigid enclosure alternative to the vacuum beds, although […]

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Lesbian Medical Fetish

Presented by The Pain Files – Extreme Lesbain BDSM The cute female slave is in the hands of three dominant female doctors. She is entirely restrained in mummification bondage, ballgagged and ballgagged. The three mistresses dominate and inspect their willing female slave in the kinky medical room. Its cruel and kinky at Mummification Bondage. Medical […]

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Mummified Bondage Teen

Mummified teen Ayliths piercing needle pain and screaming tit torments of hotwaxed redhead submissive. English slave girl Aylith restrained in mummification bondage for a strict sm session of pussy candle waxing pain and needle torments of her small tits and pierced nipples, before having her tits used as needle candle holder. Full Length Extreme BDSM […]

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Mummified Electro Pain

Mummify bondage with electro torment and severe violet wand sm pain of alternative submissive CC Jolie in the masters bedroom. CC Jolie is completely mummified in her black ties and helpless as the violet wand brings its painful touch to her exposed pink and tits. Mummified electro pain and extreme violet wand bdsm torment of […]

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Nimues Mummified Bondage

Tightly wrapped head to toe in bandages, with only her expressive eyes on show, Nimue is tormented with hot candle wax and mousetraps and is given a full body beating by Magick.  Slowly he unwraps the slavegirl, delighting in newly revealed body parts to tease and torment her in the Shadow Slaves Dungeon.

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Mummified Bondage

Mummification as a BDSM bondage practice involves restraining a living person’s body in a non-damaging way by wrapping it head to toe, or neck to toe, in materials like saran wrap, clingfilm, cloth, bandages, rubber strips, duct tape, plaster bandages, bodybags, or straitjackets. The end result is a person completely immobilized and looking like an […]

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Mummification How-To

Mummification How-To Video (funny and obscene)

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Straightjacket Bondage

A straitjacket is a garment shaped like a jacket with overlong sleeves and which is typically used to restrain a person who may otherwise cause harm to him/herself and others. The ends of the sleeves can be tied to the back of the wearer, so that the arms are kept close to the chest with […]

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Clinic Mummification

Lesbian medical fetish and ballgagging bondage in kinky doctors fetish clinic. Three dominant female doctors tie up and ball gag their lesbian patient before suspending her from a medical rack. The female slave is completely mummified and helpless as her sadistic female doctors restrain and hang her upside down in the clinic The cute female […]

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Mummification Guide

All the credits to Anything Taboo for this useful and essential mummification guide – visit him at Mummy21 for excellent pictures and more wise words. Although many people who practice this use saran wrap and PVC tape, I would recommend ACE bandages as a personal choice for beginners who need a gentle introduction to this […]

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